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Birthdate:Apr 4
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
Website:LJ Fic Journal
I love many things and ship many people. Mostly the S3: Star Trek, Sherlock, Supernatural.

I love Trek and will always return to it. (TOS: K/S, AOS: Jim/Bones)

I am currently obsessed with and active in Supernatural (Sam girl, Wincest shipper, Wincestiel curious, love the women and the smaller characters.)

I have abandoned Sherlock, it caused me too much pain. (Shipped practically everyone with everyone else, except Mycroft who I find gross. ACD's Holmes/Watson brings me great joy)

This journal is largely rusting out in the weeds but I occasionally try to round up my fic and post it here. Mail me at [at] gmail [dot] com
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